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Driver's License Restoration

Reinstating Your Driving Privileges- We Can Help!

Your driver's license can be revoked for a number of reasons. While a revocation is usually a punishment or penalty for a driving offense, it can have negative repercussions on many aspects of your everyday life. At the Law Offices of Ian A. Caldwell, PLLC, we understand that not having a driver's license can be frustrating, and trying to reinstate your license can be difficult. When you work with our firm, we can assist you with getting your Michigan driver's license reinstated and can do so in a timely and professional manner.

Give us a call at (888) 906-5277 for help restoring your license.

How To Reinstate Your License

To complete the driver's license restoration process successfully, you will need to take a few steps. It is important that you first speak with an attorney before filing any appeals or hearings.

In order to have your license reinstated, you will need to:

  1. Schedule a hearing for driver's license restoration with the Secretary of State Driving Assessment and Appeal Division
  2. Work with an attorney who can help you file all of the necessary paperwork and appeals for reinstatement of your license
  3. Prove that you have abided by all regulations of your probation, including alcohol or substance awareness courses
  4. Ensure that your risk for a repeat offense is low

You may also need to overcome various other legal hurdles. Working with the Law Offices of Ian A. Caldwell, PLLC can ensure that your rights are protected throughout your case.

What Former Clients Have to Say

We want you to know that when you team up with our firm, you are treated with respect and your unique needs are important to us. We personalize our strategy to satisfy the needs of each case. To help you get a better idea of what you can expect when you work with us, here are some words from former clients:

  • "My license was suspended/revoked 13 years ago. After his hard efforts and knowledge in the law of driver's license restoration I now have my license back."
  • "I felt throughout the process of representing me as my lawyer that he gave my case 110%."
  • "Ian Caldwell was upfront, knowledgeable & honest with me in handling my case."
  • "I greatly appreciate his representation and I would recommend his services to anyone."

We know that no two cases are the same, but we can guarantee that the effort and attention given to your case will be as top-notch as in every other case we have handled. You can get started working with us today by scheduling your free case evaluation.

Contact the Law Offices of Ian A. Caldwell, PLLC Right Away!

For more information regarding the restoration of your license following a charge of driving under the influence, operating while intoxicated, or another traffic-related offense, you should speak with an attorney at the Law Offices of Ian A. Caldwell, PLLC as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives a desirable resolution to his or her situation, and we work diligently to protect your rights.

Contact our office today to get started!